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The City Renaissance Challenge for Minecraft 1.16+

Build a complete city, following a written story. #CRCMinecraft


Inspired by an old concept, the city construction challenge, I present you the city renaissance challenge (CRC). It can be done on bedrock or java edition of Minecraft.

Why this challenge ?

The main goals of this challenge are to give a guideline of constructions to the player and some objectives to progress. At the end, the player will have a complete city & map. Also, there is a start, and an end. (But you’re free to continue on the map after the end). Some steps from this challenge will make the player make some research, look for inspiration.

Be careful : It’s not meant to be easy or quick. It’s a challenge. Rules may change, but only if there are some incoherences or really really hard stuff to do.

How does it work ?

The challenge is divided into 30 chapters. Each one contains a part of the story, and a list of objectives to reach and items to obtain, in order to validate the chapter. If you decide to go for it in multiplayer, each player has to reach each objective.


  • Difficulty of the game : Normal or Easy
  • Automatic regeneration :Yes
  • Number of lives : Unlimited
  • Keep inventory : Yes
  • Difficulty of the game : Normal or Hard
  • Automatic regeneration :Yes
  • Number of lives : Unlimited
  • Keep inventory : No
  • Difficulty of the game: Hard
  • Automatic regeneration: No
  • Number of lives: 10
  • Keep inventory: No
  • Additional rule: If you die, you can’t reuse your stuff
God Play on hardcore


Chapter 0 : General rules
  • Each building has to be linked to a main road / bridge (Even if it’s not said in each chapter, don’t forget to link previous chapter builds with new ones)
  • Mines must be 3x3 area at least. You have to add a support each 12 blocs of the main gallery
  • Don’t use cheats…
  • Each building may have a sign with a name for the building. It should be easy for any visitor to know what a building purpose is.
  • If you put chests or barrels in a building, let a little something inside.
  • The inside of EVERY building must be decorated
  • A bonus would be to create a book or a building to history dates of the chapters validations
  • If you find structures (villages, dungeons…) you can loot (or fishing treasures), but if you have in your chapter any restriction about one of the loot (Like a tool), you can’t use it. Exception : Bucket, shears, fishing rods
  • If you find and want to make a farm in a dungeon, you have to create an access from the surface, a building and a road to it.
  • You absolutely can build any type of farm, automatic farm, as far as you respect the restriction about the stuff
  • You can build following the style you want, but respect the restriction about the stuff
  • You may use the stuff in your treasure chests, but keep in mind that to validate a chapter, you have to have the requested amount of each item at the end of the chapter.
  • Take your time on each chapter, the goal isn’t to reach the next one fast, but to build nice things. Take time to make some terraforming, to gather resources…
  • If you want to make the challenge on the same seed that I did : -904484070915446515 on java edition.
  • You are allowed to sleep only in beds from your houses. You can build yourself as much houses as you wish.
  • You can’t go to over dimensions until it’s said in the story and the objectives.
  • You can’t create an afk fishing farm, that’ll ruin the challenge.
Chapter 1: The new world
A thousand years ago, following the massive invasion of creepers, the creation of a hundred withers and the invocation of several dragons, the surviving builders from this world have decided to use cryopreservation to keep them safe for a millenium. They did this because of the fact that they had absolutely no plans for a building to conduct such a battle, despite the warnings of the population. You were still in training to be a builder, but you witnessed the last battle of this time, lost by humans to monsters.

You wake up.

Your eyes are wide open, you see nature, water, animals. The area looks calm, but you know you are not completely safe. Now that you’re here, you know that you have a very special mission. The reconstruction of the city. You don’t want to reproduce the error of the other ancient builders. But no city was made in one day. You are alone, and not equipped. You will have to start somewhere …


  • Start by making some wooden tools and a weapon.
  • Create a base camp, made up of one or more huts, a campfire and a small field of wheat to provide for you needs (You’d better settle near a river)
  • Create some enclosures for the animals, find at least 2 cows and 2 sheeps.
  • Don’t forget to put a sign somewhere to name this camp. It may become a place to come for tourists in the future !
  • Make a fishing rod and a full leather armor
  • Have at least 15 levels of experience
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 3 strings / 4 bones / 12 rotten flesh / 3 gunpowder
    • 12 breads / 24 cooked fish
    • 32 logs of any wood
    • 64 blocks of cobblestone
    • 32 coals
    • 64 torches
    • 64 blocks of dirt
  • Quest: Fish until you get a saddle or kill a wandering trader to have 2 leads
  • You can use only wooden tools.
  • You can’t use furnaces / smokers / Blast furnaces
  • You can’t replant trees
  • You have to play with a render distance of 4 (To simulate your eyes strain after the cryopreservation).
Chapter 2 : A first secure hamlet
You are now well settled in your camp.Your first few nights were a bit difficult though, as it is not very secure. It is time to think about building a bigger and more comfortable house, making you feel safer. You go to the surrounding area to find a place that would suit, when you see in the distance, a group of several settlers. It looks like there are 4, but maybe there are more of them. They come on a cart with horses.

You ask them what happened after the battle 1000 years ago. Obviously, these people weren't there, but the story has spread from generation to generation since. The few survivors of this world are those who have managed to hide in caves, in reinforced constructions. No one really knows how many survived. According to rumors, the monsters are scattered all over the world.

After this discussion and after discovering that you are part of the ancient people, they decide to settle in this area with you, and you have the task of creating the first hamlet of the new city.


  • You can now use regular render distance
  • Make a furnace and a smoker, you can now use them
  • Make stone tools and a sword. Create a bow.
  • Build at least 4 houses (minimum 5 by 5). Each one should have a bed to sleep, a working station and decorations. Add a little garden on all of them.
  • Build your own house, with at least 3 rooms. A bedroom, a storage room and a life room. A garden is also mandatory to validate your house. NB: You can put your first house in the Hamlet, or not, you decide.
  • As the settlers came with a cart and two horses, you need to build the cart near the Hamlet. Then, build a small stable for the two horses. Find two horses using the leads or the saddle from the previous chapter to get them in.
  • Add a well, near the hamlet, to provide water to them.
  • You need at least 10 cows and 10 sheeps at the end of the chapter
  • Have a full leather armor
  • Have at least 20 levels of experience
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 12 strings / 12 bones / 24 rotten flesh / 10 gunpowder
    • 24 breads / 32 cooked fish
    • 64 logs of any wood / 64 coals / 2 stacks of cobblestone / 1 stack of glass
  • Quest: Fish until you get a tripwire hook and use it as a decoration
  • You can use only stone tools. You can cook and use iron except for tools and weapons
  • You can’t replant trees
Chapter 3: The temple and the neighbors
After the installation, your new inhabitants let other people met on their way knowing that they had finally found a place to settle in, thanks to the return of a builder from the old days. This is how 4 new residents are about to arrive. You have a choice, enlarge the existing hamlet, or create their own hamlet. Whatever is your choice, you know they will need access to water and food.

When they arrive, you also question them about the situation of the current world from their point of view. According to them, no similar attack has taken place in 1000 years. However, sometimes camps are completely destroyed without anyone having an explanation. They also explain to you that an old-time prison was spared and that the survivors of this prison, after escaping, created different tribes which are scattered all over the world.

On the other hand, these new inhabitants would like sugar. They haven't had a chance to have it for 10 years, and you directly thought you could provide them some. Now that you and the new inhabitants have settled in, you realize that it becomes necessary to think about creating a temple, or a place of worship, in order to maintain the morale and the beliefs of the population. You also want to have a place to be able to see more far away.


  • Build 4 new houses with a minimum dimension of 5x5 blocks, all connected to the main road and especially to the other houses. If you decide to create a new hamlet, add a well. One of them wants to have a dog in their garden.
  • A place of worship / temple for your population, with a minimum dimension of 7 x 13 blocks. It must be at least fifty blocks away from any house.
  • Build a greenhouse of the size of your choice to plant sugar cane.
  • Create an extension on your house in order to add a workstation room with all the workstations.
  • Build a simple outpost somewhere.
  • Have a full colored leather armor
  • Have at least 25 levels of experience
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 24 strings / 24 bones / 32 rotten flesh / 24 gunpowder / 1 ender pearl
    • 16 cooked mutton / 16 cooked beef / 24 ink sacs
    • 64 logs of two types of wood / 128 coals / 6 stacks of cobblestone / 2 stack of glass / 1 stack of brick / 1 stack of concrete of any color / 32 irons ingots
    • 4 stack of sugarcane / 1 stack of sugar / 32 apples
  • Quest: Fish a name tag (If you find it elsewhere it’s ok, but won’t fit the story).
  • You can use only stone tools. You can cook and use iron except for tools and weapons
  • You can’t replant trees
Chapter 4: The fisher and the beekeeper
Your exploits as a fisherman have been heard, the fishing of this name tag has attracted two new inhabitants. One is a fisherman named Elliot Patterson. The other one is a beekeeper named Lola Beem. Both of them want to settle in your village. You decide to find a location that would suit Elliot, close to a river or a lake, and make some plan for a beekeeping house for Lola.

However, these new arrivals make you worried. If these nice people could have heard of your exploits, perhaps one of these malicious tribes of which the previous settlers have spoken to you, could come at any time ... It may be time to equip yourself accordingly.

The growing population also leads you to think that we will have to think bigger in terms of agricultural production and construction. You will also start to need technology, different raw materials. It's time to go mine ...


  • Create an L-shaped house for the fisherman near a river or lake. Don't forget to create a small dock and provide him with a boat in the water so that he can go fishing.
  • Create a beekeeping building and bring bees in it. Then, build a house for Lola the beekeeper.
  • Place your colored leather armor in 4 item frames, in your home. Then, switch to a full iron armor
  • Create a mine that goes to layer 11, either in a mountain or from a building. On the surface, a minecart reception station, and a storage area. The way down to the mine must consist of at least a staircase and rails allowing a minecart to bring back stuff from the mine.
  • Create a second simple outpost, at least 100 blocks away from the other one.
  • Have at least 20 cows, 20 sheep, 20 chickens
  • Having adopted and named a dog with the name tag from the previous chapter.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 32 strings / 32 bones / 32 gunpowder / 4 ender pearls
    • 2 stacks of logs from two types of wood / 12 stacks of cobblestone / 2 stack of brick / 2 stack of concrete of any color / 1 diamond
    • 128 irons ingots / 32 gold ingot, 2 redstone stacks
    • At least 6 bees, 16 honey bottles / 6 honey blocks / 16 honeycombs / 16 beehives / 4 honeycomb blocks
    • 64 raw fish
    • 12 hay bales
  • Quest: Find pumpkins or pumpkins seeds.
  • Iron tools only. If you find diamonds, you can mine them, but not use them.
  • You can’t replant trees
Chapter 5: Sam Jackson's ranch
After so much effort, you are a little richer! It really feels good! Going up from the mines, while you are sorting your stuff, you see in the distance a cart coming towards your village. This is Sam Jackson, an isolated farmer, having heard of this emerging city, and the return of a builder from the old days. At first, he seems a little aggressive towards you. He asks you what made you come back after 1000 years, and you explain to him that it is not your choice, that all you want is to build a new world.

Sam seems to calm down, he explains to you that since the departure of the builders and their knowledge, the world has not really experienced expansion and a secure area against monsters. You then tell him your version of the last battle, and what you learned and are ready to do today to protect everyone. You also explain to him that you would never have left, leaving other people behind, but that you had been forced. He explains that he is part of a farming family, and that they would like to settle in your village, on a ranch. That way, they can offer various products to the community.

He seems honest, you decide to help him build this ranch.


  • Name your first diamond with an anvil and store it in a safe place.
  • Make a diamond pickaxe
  • A ranch at least 100 blocks away from the rest of the village, clotured (you decide the style of the fence). The ranch area should be at least 40 blocks by 25 blocks.
  • It must contains :
    • Entry into the fence
    • A barn, storage silos, the farmer's house with at least 2 bedrooms (for Sam, his wife and their children)
    • You should have an easy way to breed cows, sheep and chickens on the ranch to ensure maximum loot is obtained.
    • Around the ranch area, cultivated wheat lands, some scarecrows, a windmill
    • The farmer's cart, near or inside the ranch area, and also the horse.
    • He also wants two dogs in his ranch
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 6 ender pearls
    • 4 obsidians
    • 3 stacks of logs from two types of wood / 3 stack of brick /
    • 4 stacks of irons ingots / 64 gold ingot, 3 redstone stacks / 12 diamonds
    • 32 hay bales / 32 cooked chickens / 32 feathers / 64 eggs
  • Quest: Bring back 2 turtles to the village
  • Iron armor and tools only (except for the pickaxe that can be diamond).
  • You can’t replant trees
Chapter 6: Community
Now that Sam Jackson and his family are settled, you look at the population of your village. You realize that it’s growing fast. Already more than 10 inhabitants have joined your adventure. Moreover (news spreads quickly), new settlers have sent you a message, asking you to create 2 new luxury homes for them. You realize that you have proclaimed yourself the village leader. There is no way for you to build a community of this kind, where leaders are auto-proclaimed. This was the case when the old builders were leading the world, but it was not a good thing.

In addition, the village needs to have a way to vote for the integration of new settlers, because the decision cannot be left to you alone. It becomes necessary to create some buildings and services for your village.

Also, looking at all the projects that are coming, you think it is time for you to upgrade your tools one more time !


  • Create two luxury houses, with a minimum size of 15 x 11 (You choose the final shape of the house)
  • Build multiple community buildings that will create the town center:
  • A town hall, with a mayor's office, a voting area and a room to display a wall with the map of your complete city. Think big for this wall because it will need to fit all your village maps at the end
  • A tavern that should contain a bar and some tables and chairs. You can also add a jukebox for the ambience.
  • A bank with a strongbox.
  • A structure of your choice (for example a marketplace)
  • A fountain
  • Create a place to have turtles. Maybe a green park, a closed pond.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 8 ender pearls / 64 gunpowders
    • 4 stacks of logs from two types of wood
    • 32 iron blocks / 12 gold blocks, 4 redstone stacks / 16 diamonds
    • A full diamond tool and a sword, in your chest (In addition to those you have on yourself)
    • 64 hay bales / 64 cooked chickens / 64 feathers / 16 cakes / 64 Steak
    • 12 obsidians
  • Quest: Kill a phantom and get a membrane
  • Iron armor and tools only (except for the pickaxe that can be diamond).
  • Enchantments level 1 maximum
  • You can’t replant trees
Chapter 7: Primary defenses
The town hall and its polling station are now built. You have decided not to run for mayor. Sam Jackson is elected mayor of the city. However, he appoints you as head of the armies and architect of the city.

The village has grown up. So large that he certainly begins to get jealous among primitive tribes and other malicious tribes. The population and the mayor inform you of their concerns about their safety in case of potential enemy invasions. You need to create some defenses.

Luckily, a few new settlers arrive. It is a man and two womens rather robust. They would make good military recruits. However, the man tells you that he’s a woodcutter, not an army guy while the two girls seem to agree to be in the army. After consulting the new mayor, you decide to take on this new challenge, without forgetting also to plan the construction of new houses for these new people.


  • Equip yourself with a shield tinted with a pillager banner
  • Build 3 new houses for the new settlers. You need to make at least two of them with two floors.
  • Build two watchtowers, with a dimension of at least 3 by 3, with the flag of your choice on top of each tower. Be careful, the color pattern of the flag is important because it will be your city flag / colors.
  • A forest hut, a controlled and optimized forest for wood harvesting, at least 50 block away from any other building
  • A forge in the town center
  • A tinted shield shop that send at least 3 types of shields
  • A military camp with some tents and a control post. You should also add some armor stands for training.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 8 stacks of logs from two types of wood
    • 64 iron blocks / 18 gold blocks, 5 redstone stacks / 24 diamonds / 32 lapis lazuli
    • A full diamond tool and a sword, in your chest (In addition to those you have on yourself)
    • 64 hay bales / 64 cooked chickens / 64 feathers / 16 cakes / 64 Steak
    • 24 obsidians
  • Quest: Get a nautilus shell
  • Iron armor and tools only (except for the pickaxe that can be diamond).
  • Enchantments level 1 maximum
Chapter 8: The magician and the mad scientist
After a few days of tranquility in your village, while you are resting in your house, you hear a huge explosion in the distance. Then a second. Looking out the window, you see the residents panicking, not knowing what's going on. You wear your best armor and decide to go see what is happening.

When you get there, you come face to face with two strange people. A man and a woman. One claims to be the supreme mage named Liv Jones, the other claims to be a scientist and his name is John Yumi. You’re still pissed off by the fear the noise has caused and ask them to explain it.

It appears that the explosion was a side effect of a half-magic half-scientific technology intended to find the village, in order to settle there. Obviously each blames the other for the explosions. But, they seem honest and you become to like them.

After a general vote of the villagers, you decide to trust them and help them settle.


  • Create a wizard tower, with at least 2 pieces.
  • Find the nearest snowy mountain and build the magic academy there, which must include at least
  • 1 room for dueling training
  • 1 hall
  • 1 classroom
  • Create an enchantment table that can enchant maximum level, The enchantment table must be modular to be able to enchant different levels, as you are limited to level 1 for now.
  • Enchant your stuff to level 1 only.
  • Create the laboratory for the scientist with at least a room for experimentation, a secured room in case he creates a monster.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 100 iron blocks /16 gold blocks, 6 redstone stacks / 24 diamonds / 64 lapis lazuli
    • A full enchanted diamond tools and a sword, in your chest (In addition to those you have on yourself)
    • 16 bookshelves
    • 10 golden apples
    • 36 obsidians
  • Quest: Find an donkey, tame and name him
  • Iron armor and tools only (except for the pickaxe that can be diamond).
  • Enchantments level 1 maximum
Chapter 9: Welcome to hell
Newcomers settle. After her move in, The magician and you have a discussion at the tavern. Like you did with other settlers, you ask her for her version of the story. She says that according to her family’s legends, some magicians went to another dimension to escape the monsters in this world. They then came back to hide in caves on top of the mountains, where monsters come more rarely.

She tells you that the reason her and the scientist are staying is because they have heard you were different from the ancient builders. You seem to care about all the population and not just yourself.

When you ask here about the dimension, she gives you a book about hell. According to this ancient legend, it would be possible to create a door to go there, and certain objects being there seem to have a rather important value, as much for you, as for your inhabitants. In addition, it seems that an interesting mineral is found only in this dimension, it is called netherite. When you think of the many projects that await you, it seems interesting to find this new mineral, which will certainly help you improve your tools in the future.

It only takes a few minutes to decide… This is the next step on your journey !


  • You can switch your armor and tools to diamond.
  • Create a building or room in an existing building to make your nether nether.
  • Explore the nether:
    • Find a fortress
    • Find at least 20 ancient debris in the nether
    • Find all the nether biomes.
    • 32 nether warts, 1 soulsand stack, 12 blaze sticks, 3 ghast tears
    • A lodestone
    • Bring back at least 32 blocks of each nylium, and at least one stack of each new wood.
  • On your return to the normal world, create 3 enderchest, one in the town hall, one in your home and the third in the place of your choice.
  • Create your hub at your portal, in nether. Choose a theme, and make sure you have a secure arrival area in the nether, which prevents piglins from crossing the portal.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 9 diamond blocks / 64 gold blocks / 128 iron blocks / 48 obsidians
    • 6 turtle shells / 32 honey blocks
  • A full enchanted (level 2) diamond tools, sword, armor and bow, in your chest (In addition to those you have on yourself)
  • Quest: loot 3 or more wither skeleton heads
  • Enchantments level 2 maximum / Only diamond tools and armor
Chapter 10: Exploration
You are back from hell, and after this morbid spectacle, you want to see the world of the living. You need air and landscapes.

You warn the inhabitants of the village that you are going on a vacation for a while. Some of them, after reading a few books on the resources of old times, put some requests back to you. You're looking through your chests, but you're unlikely to have all of their requests ... You may have to make some detours.

So you decide to prepare to go on a resource trip. It will be nice and refreshing for you. It would be better to write down your coordinates details so that you can easily locate yourself. A compass will also be useful.

This trip will certainly make you meet some new friends …


  • Put a lodestone in the town center and link a compass to the lodestone
  • Have silk touch on a tool
  • Name book and quill “XYZ”.
  • Find the following list of biomes and put the coordinates in the book: Swamp, Jungle, Black Forest, Frozen Ocean, Mesa, Desert, Savannah (Bonus: Mushroom Island). Create a portal in each of this biomes
  • Find at least one NPC village, a desert temple, an underwater monument, and a wreck. Note the coordinates in the XYZ book (Do not enter the underwater monument) Create a nether portal near the NPC and the underwater monument.
  • Find an abandoned mineshaft and secure a spider spawner. Note his contact details in the XYZ book
  • Bring back cactus, cocoa beans, slimes balls (64), acacia, jungle, black oak and spruce saplings, 12 brown and red mushrooms / mushroom blocks, 12 vines
  • Two cats and two parrots
  • Bring back a heart from the sea, melons, beetroots. Carrots and potatoes seeds.
  • Update the different maps of the area located at the town hall.
  • Create a house dedicated to the color green.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 10 diamond blocks / 150 iron blocks / 64 obsidians
    • 24 golden apples / 128 steak / 128 cooked chicken / 128 feathers / 128 leathers.
    • 128 honey bottles / 64 honey blocks
    • A full enchanted (level 2) diamond tools, sword, armor and bow, in your chest (In addition to those you have on yourself)
  • Quest: Loot 8 more nautilus shells by killing drowned on your trip
  • Enchantments level 3 / Only diamond tools and armor
Chapter 11: Mass immigration
You are back in your village, with your new treasures. You decide to make some sorting in your chests, when you see a group of settlers in the distance. These are the different people you met and invited on your trip. Each one of them has to meet the city council before he is accepted.

Seeing all these new residents, you feel full of motivation to welcome them as it should. They will need homes, and workplaces. And so much the better, because your population has needs! As you see, you will certainly need to expand the town center, create some more houses and have some more work and farm builds.

Somehow, in your happiness, there is a little bit of fear. You start to like all these people. You had some good times with Sam, Liv, Jack, Elliot, Lola.. What if something wrong happens ?


  • Have a level 4 enchantment on each piece of your armor, weapons and tools.
  • Have a room, a building or a cave or (whatever you like) to organize your stuff.
  • Create 9 new houses with:
    • At least one new hamlet
    • At least 2 slightly more isolated houses (30 blocks from any other houses)
    • A building for the shepherd and one or more pens with at least 5 sheep of each color (80 sheeps minimum)
  • Two more watchtowers, with the flag on top
  • A clothing store with at least 4 collections of clothing to display
  • A greenhouse for pumpkins and melons or one for each, an automatic harvesting system is a bonus for you
  • A building / working greenhouse for each :
    • Cocoa beans
    • Vines
    • Cactus
    • Carrots / Potatoes / Beetroots.
  • A pet shop, but animals in there need to be happy, not locked in cells.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 12 diamond blocks / 164 iron blocks / 64 obsidians / 80 gold blocks / 4 stacks of coal blocks
    • 2 stack of books, 6 stack of steaks, 2 editable books, 128 hay bales, 3 carrot stacks, 3 potato stacks, 1 beet stack, 1 cactus stack, 1 vines stack, 1 pumpkin stack and 2 melons slice stack.
    • A chest with a stack of each dye and at least one stack of wool of each color.
  • Quest: Have an outdoor aquarium with a named squid in it
  • Only diamond tools and armor
Chapter 12: Rob Melark, The Alchemist
When you went to the nether, an energy escaped, leaving those who can detect it, a sure clue about your village location. This begins to worry you, especially since you later receive a messenger from distant lands. He gives you a letter, written in strange signs, that you are unable to read. The recent arrival of the scientist is a gift because he is able to decipher it.

It is a declaration of war.

The Apasok tribe wants to take possession of your village. You turn to the messenger, who is panicking. He explains that his name is Rob Melark, that he is a simple servant in this tribe, and that all that he wants is a peaceful life and that he only dreams of becoming an alchemist. He’s not part of the tribe, he’s actually a slave there.

He explains that the whole tribe is not bad, and that a servant revolt is more than possible. He offers to convince the servants to rebel, but submits the request to become an alchemist for the city.

You are perplexed, how to trust this messenger? But looking around, you realize that you have managed to see honesty among the locals, and that guy inspires trust in you. You decide to help him realize his dream, and hope that it will make you valuable allies in the future.


  • Create a house for the alchemyst. You can add this house to any existing hamlet.
  • Create an alchemy laboratory with at least a potions brewing room with 2 brewing stands and a storage room for the different potions (1 chest per potion)
  • Go back to the nether and optimize the use of a blaze spawner to facilitate the loot of blaze rods.
  • Create a building for the mycologist, inside, so that you can farm brown and red mushrooms
  • Create a botanical greenhouse, in order to farm nether wart
  • Create a mushroom parc
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 12 diamond blocks / 164 iron blocks / 64 obsidians / 80 gold blocks / 4 stacks of coal blocks
    • 2 stack of books, 6 stack of steaks, 2 editable books, 128 hay bales, 3 carrot stacks, 3 potato stacks, 1 beet stack, 1 cactus stack, 1 vines stack, 1 pumpkin stack and 2 melons slice stack.
    • A chest with a stack of each dye and at least one stack of wool of each color.
  • Quest: Have 6 of each potions
  • Only diamond tools and armor
Chapter 13: Art and culture
Your village is able to detect potential invaders through watchtowers. You also have enough to equip your inhabitants in case of an attack. You have potions and farms to fulfill the needs of everyone. Somehow, you forgot to create a general store for basic needs. You’ll do it, for sure.

As you celebrate this glorious list of accomplished tasks at the tavern with Liv, Lola and Elliot, one of them whispers to you that the community would like to have access to art and culture. They never heard music! And unfortunately, currently do not have access to culture because no book is available.

After having discussed it with the mayor and concerned about the well-being and the good education of your peers, you decide to embark on a new series of constructions.

Meanwhile, as promised, Rob is packing up some of his stuff in order to go back to his tribe. The strategy is to say to the Apasok tribe that there wasn't a village here. Then, he’ll convince slaves to rebel and join your village.


  • Build a library, minimum 21 x 15. A sorting system for enchanted books is a bonus. Add also an enchanting table anywhere in the library. It should be at least 30 blocks away from any other build.
  • Build a music disk creation farm with a creeper and a skeleton
  • Then, build music store to sell music CDs to locals
  • Integrate in the village a small musical jingle, which is played either following a manual release (pressure plate, button), or regularly (every 10 minutes for example)
  • Build a theater, minimum 21 x 15. Must be made up of a reception area to buy tickets, an area for the public and a stage. An entry from the artists and behind the scenes is a plus.
  • Build a general store near the town center. Sell in it what you desire, but at least 5 different items.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 14 diamond blocks / 200 iron blocks / 6 stacks of coal blocks / 6 stacks of redstone block / 3 stacks of lapis lazuli blocks / 20 netherite ingots
    • A chest with a stack of each colored terracotta / A stack of each colored concrete / A stack of each colored glass
    • 6 stacks of quartz blocs / 2 stacks of mossy stone bricks
    • 64 pumpkin pies / 12 stacks of carrots, potatoes, beetroots. 3 stack of hay bales.
  • Quest: Collect all music disks except the nether one
  • Only diamond tools and armor
Chapter 14: The outpost of the ancient slaves
After an absence of a week, you see, in the distance, your new friend Rob, followed by a dozen people, and a huge white creature. Rob informs you that they are the old servants of the enemy tribe who decided to join you. The creature is called an iron golem. You’ve heard of it in the past, but it’s the first time you see one.

You get to know this group of people. They tell you that they have been enslaved for centuries by the Apasok tribe, in a large mansion. The Apasok tribe is one of the tribes created after the great battle 1000 years ago, from prison escapees.

Their proposal is simple, they would like to settle in an extension of your village, a sort of fortified outpost. They are ready for war if it comes. They need to train though. One of your soldiers is going to teach them how to fight.

And you, on your side, are ready to build for them.


  • Build a secured and fortified village-outpost for new residents. Must be away at least from 100 blocks of your village, but linked with a path/road.
  • The walls must be 3 blocks thick and at least 5 blocks high
  • The village must contain two iron golems
  • It must be inhabited by NPC villagers. You may need to breed a villager or bring back enough villagers. Find a way to easily assign their job to them.
  • You must have “at least” one villager from each possible job, so about fifteen villagers. This village will be the trading place with the villagers. You’re free to optimize the trades like you want.
  • A house for 2 villagers, with two beds
  • One building per profession
  • It is time to build an iron farm. Your mining abilities won’t be enough for the growing population in your village (Attention, if you don’t plan to decorate it with a building around, it must be done underground
  • Build 2 new watchtowers with their flag on top
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 15 diamond blocks / 240 iron blocks / 8 stacks of coal blocks / 9 emeralds blocks
    • 15 Arrows of Slowness, 15 Arrows of Harming, 15 Arrows of Weakness
    • 5 nametags
    • 20 ender pearls / 10 blaze rods / 5 ghast tears / 200 gunpowders
  • Quest: At least one villager per profession has to be level max
  • Only diamond tools and armor
Chapter 15: The curse of the dragon
Now that you have a war outpost to stop the potential arrival of your enemies in your town, you think about preparing a little bit better for the war, and have something to enchant the weapons and armor of your troops.

The only way to enchant tools and armors is to have these mysterious experience points. Liv, the magician, tells you that the greatest source of experience is a mysterious dragon, living in a dimension called the End. To access it, you must find an old stronghold using strange modified pearls. You are jokingly wondering how dimension Liv will make you visit, but you start looking for this stronghold, as soon as she leaves.

When you arrive in the stronghold, you search this old portal and finally find it. Some little creatures keep annoying you, but you manage to place the eyes on the portal, and activate it. Let the battle begin…


  • Prepare for the fight against the dragon (potions, golden apples, armor, ender eyes ..) and find the stronghold
  • Defeat the dragon (multiple times if desired or needed). Collect a stack of dragon breath.
  • Create an enderman farm of the size of your choice. Maybe an XP farm or just a protected area to kill endermans. But it must contain a floor, walls, an enchantment area and chests.
  • Visit the end islands, find at least
    • 2 pairs of elytras,
    • 32 shulker,
    • 32 chorus,
    • 2 dragon heads.
  • Returning to your village, build a statue of victory
  • Name “Dragon fight” all your armors and weapons and then put them in a chest
  • Enchant at least 4 full set of iron armor (level 1) that you put on armor stands inside the war outpost
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 16 diamond blocks / 280 iron blocks / 10 coal blocks / 32 emeralds blocks
    • 128 ender pearls
    • 6 stacks of rockets
  • Quest: Create a shulker box of each color, Name each shulker with a theme of your choice.
  • Diamond armor only
Chapter 16: For honor, for freedom!
While you’re celebrating your victory against the dragon at the tavern with your friends, you hear the sound of a horn in the distance, followed by an explosion. Everyone is panicking, your inhabitants are running everywhere. You calm them down, order them to go back to their houses, and you go to the origin of the noise. No doubt, the outpost is under attack. You put on your best armor, take your potions, your golden apples and go to the battle. No question of leaving your friends alone, you worked too hard for that.

When you get there the battle takes place mainly in front of the outpost. Liv and Lola are there to help. It’s a real bloodbath. You look at your allies, a rage in their eyes makes you want to defend them even more. You’re able to feel the centuries of pain, of forced submission, which they are avenging. It's time to give this evil tribe what it deserves.

After long days of fight, you are finally victorious. But not happy. You lost some friends there. Lola is gone. The path, place of the battle, is slowly soaking up the blood of your friends and enemies. The spectacle is macabre.

However, you know that this was only the beginning, and you decide to end this war. You won’t let this happen again. You’re not like your ancestors. You won’t run away and let people die. You ask a cartographer to give you the coordinates of the manor of the Apasok tribe, and go, in order to avenge your missing friends...

Coming back to the village, a rainbow lights up the sky, perhaps a sign of renewal?


  • Update your tools, armor and sword to netherite
  • Start and win a raid at your fortified outpost.
  • Once the raid is over, build the path of the battle on the front of the outpost. The theme of this place is to represent the after battle moment violence. It should show holes in the path, from explosions and show how nature is soaking the blood.
  • Build a statue commemorating this battle.
  • Level up the cartographers so that at least one gives you a map of the location of a manor in the woods.
  • Go attack the manor, once finished, detonate it with tnt.
  • Find a pillager outpost, and make it explode too.
  • Coming back to the village, build somewhere, a rainbow
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • A full netherite armor / tools and sword (In addition to those you have on yourself)
    • Collect at least 5 totems of undying.
  • Quest: Create a raid somewhere else to trap a Ravager and name him, then bring it back to your village somewhere safe.
Chapter 17: Wither, wither, wither...
It's been a few weeks since the battle. Since then, your village has remained silent. You feel guilty because it was your role to protect your people. Even though everyone continues to thank you and show you everything you've already done for them, you still persist in the thought that you could have done more. You’re talking about it around a beetroot soup at the tavern, with Rob Melark, Liv Jones and Sam Jackson. You ask, if they don't have another dimension to show you around with a magic item to recover to protect your population. They collaborate, and remember another legend, the Withers. Not a complete army like 1000 years ago, but one at a time. According to ancient writings, withers are evil and very powerful creatures that contain a star that can be used to create a protection zone. Interesting…

In the meantime, a group of locals have come together to submit a few requests to you, probably with the aim of changing your mind and showing you that they are there for you. They would like a little more decoration, and a restaurant in addition to the tavern, in the village.


  • Prepare yourself for the Wither battle and invoke it. Be careful, you have to make, at least the first wither, in the overworld and at the surface.
  • Once you’ve beaten your first wither, name your armor and weapon “Wither fight” and put them away in a chest. Use new stuff from your chests.
  • Create a beacon with regeneration on it. (Bonus : Create a second beacon that you’ll carry with you with haste)
  • Build a Restaurant in the city center. It should contain at least a kitchen and a main room for people to eat.
  • Add details in your town like benches, custom trees, water, fences, road names, flower parks, wells…
  • Add a little lake with colored corals in it. There should be some path around it, and you may put a conduit at the center of the lake.
  • Go to Lola’s house to clean her stuff. Close the access. Put flowers near her house.
  • Create a slime farm and a build on top of the slime farm, at the surface in the village. You’ll certainly need to search for a slime chunk according to the place you want the building to be.
  • Create a gold farm in the nether after accessing and breaking the roof.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 32 diamond blocks / 320 iron blocks / 16 coal blocks / 64 emeralds blocks / 42 gold blocks
    • 64 slime blocks 128 honey blocks
    • A full netherite armor / tools and sword (In addition to those you have on yourself)
  • Quest: Trap a phantom and name it. Put it in a safe little building for now.
Chapter 18: Transport and defense walls
This beacon makes you feel better and makes you want to continue to organize the village. You look at the maps. It would be useful to add a few walls to surround and delimit certain areas. Mainly homes and the city center.

On the other hand, you realize that you still have no transportation system for your people. The mayor tells you it’s a good idea and gives you a list of places he would like to see connected to the city center (via a cart system for exemple).

You think back to all these landscapes that you have visited in the past. Perhaps it would be interesting to create a portal to these different areas, just to be able to return? It will also be an opportunity to find an old bastion in the nether. According to the story that Liv Jones told you, a special enchantment can be found there, or obtained through a special trade, and a unique music disk can also be found.


  • Create a Main transport station near the city center. It should contain an easy way to choose between multiple destinations. Also, it should provide information on the duration of the travel.
  • Link the main transport station with some other station, using the transport system of your choice :
    • Fortified outpost
    • Ranch
    • Library
    • Magic Academy
  • Build defensive walls that surround and demarcate certain areas of your village.
  • Link your nether hub using roads to the different portals that you’ve created earlier. There must be a clean indication system.
  • Find a bastion remnant in the nether
  • Find the last music disk
  • Obtain the soul speed enchantment
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 36 diamond blocks / 350 iron blocks / 20 coal blocks / 128 emeralds blocks / 64 gold blocks
    • A full netherite armor / tools and sword (In addition to those you have on yourself)
  • Quest: Build an elytra launching system somewhere in the city center.
Chapter 19: Hospitals
Now that your city is safe, another concern seems to be at the heart of the discussions. Some residents begin to be ill or injure themselves while working, and only basic medicine is provided. The mayor asks you to think about the creation of a general hospital.

You start to plan it.

Suddenly, you see a light coming from your makeshift camp. A bright light, and as quickly as it came, it disappears. You go there to understand what just happened, and discover a sleeping man. He carries a message :

"We have started the process of de-cryogenisation, the ancient will wake up and join you".

After a long night, your new guest wakes up. He seems to be completely confused, and his words are inconsistent. He starts screaming, crying and seems panicked. A potion made by Rob Melark is then administered to him and he falls asleep again, leaving you perplexed.

It seems that some elders are going to need an asylum so that they can rest, regain their sanity. Especially since some of the city's current residents are still in shock from the attack. You decide to add to your list of plans this asylum, which will be located not far from the hospital, to provide healthcare if necessary.


  • Create a new Hamlet, dedicated to the ancients that will come back. Start by making a first house.
  • Build an hospital at least 60 blocks away from any other build with :
    • A hall
    • Some rooms for the ills
    • A surgery room
  • Build an asylum, near the hospital with :
    • Walls to avoid escapists
    • Activity rooms like a little swimming pool
    • Gardens
    • Rest bedrooms
  • Create a large religious building like a cathedral, now that your population is growing.
  • Create a regeneration beacon near the hospital and the asylum.
  • Add some dispensers in the city with some splash potions.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 36 diamond blocks / 380 iron blocks / 22 coal blocks / 150 emeralds blocks / 100 gold blocks
  • Quest: Bring a Hoglin from the nether and name him
Chapter 20: The port and the fishing village
Since the construction of the hospital and the asylum, 3 new elders have arrived in the village. One of them left the asylum almost unharmed after a week. This is Ronnie Brown, he’s not a builder but a former fisherman. He tells you a bit more about the initial plan of the ancient builders. Their plan was to send the sacrifices back to the planet first, so as to see if life was possible. It’s for this reason that for now, there is a good chance that the returning ancient are in reality only former non-builder inhabitants of the planet, considered as sacrifices.

This is starting to make you doubt about your place in the builders strategy, were you a sacrifice too? It must be said that you were only an apprentice at the time. You need to take care of Ronnie before thinking about this.

He quickly became friends with Elliot Patterson. Together, they plan great things, and would like to industrialize their favorite activity: fishing.

They show you their project, a port, associated with a fishing village and a lighthouse. This port should make it possible to launch a global fishing activity and guarantee a supply of various maritime products for the whole city.

The idea suits you, especially since it will also provide an opportunity for additional work for the children of tomorrow and a place of tourism for future visitors.


  • Start by finding an ocean that isn’t too far from your village, if possible.
  • Build a new Hamlet, that will be the fisher hamlet.
  • Create a lighthouse on an island a little further in the ocean. If there is no small island, create one yourself.
  • Build docks, with places for ships, birds, storage
  • Build at least one ship in the ocean. The ship must have your flag on top of it
  • Connect the port to your transportation system.
  • Build a watchtower near the fishers hamlet.
  • Back to your city, create a tourist office, with information about your different culture places, art, location to go..
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 38 diamond blocks / 400 iron blocks / 164 emeralds blocks / 128 gold blocks
    • 128 shroomlight
  • Quest: Enchant a fishing rod with all the maximum enchantments
Chapter 21: Baby boom, Grandpa boom
Time passes in your city, life begins to prosper. An impressive wave of births is coming, and some residents are aging. Other settlers continue to arrive from time to time, and some of them stay, others rest in the asylum. A small portion of them fail to resist their old instincts, making them commit minor crimes.

Moreover, you’re thinking again about what Ronnie told you. If he’s right, that means that ancient builders will come, some day, with the same intention as 1000 years ago. That means they certainly will want to take control over the city. You tell the mayor about this, because you don’t want him to think you are like them.

It is your duty to provide all the services necessary to assume these new events. First, you think about education. There are different jobs available in your city. However, the village needs to have a place that teaches the basics of life to the youngest, before they make a choice. Then, we must allow the living to mourn their losses and the dead to rest in peace. Finally, it becomes important to create a justice system that will judge, assist or punish those who endanger life in society.


  • Start by building a cemetery. Don’t forget to create a tombstone for Lola, and any of your pets if you lost any.
  • Create a school, with at least 2 classroom and a playground
  • Build at least 6 new houses in your city :
    • two of them must be isolated houses
    • Two of them must have at least 2 floors
  • Build a new watchtower
  • Build a courthouse
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 40 diamond blocks / 420 iron blocks / 180 emeralds blocks / 140 gold blocks / 9 netherite blocks
    • A full netherite armor / tools and sword (In addition to those you have on yourself)
    • 6 stacks of logs of any type of wood, including nether ones.
  • Quest: Create a building or extend one to expose all kind of colored leather armors
Chapter 22: Treasure hunting
It's been a long time since you've been on an adventure. You realize that you would like to have at your disposal different items which could be useful to you in your different constructions.

During your exploration adventure, you noted the coordinates of an underwater monument. You feel ready to conquer this monument now. On the other hand, you would also like to have at your disposal a simple way to recover other items such as gunpowder, bones. Finally, you would like to have a creeper banner, to show them that they are not welcome. So you will need a way to easily recover monster heads.


  • Create different farms in order to have different types of loot:
  • Creeper / monsters
  • For this one, build an underground mob farm in your city. Then, create a mob grinder that will move them up into a building where they will be killed.
  • Witches : Go to a swamp, and convert a witch hut to a witch farm. Then link this farm to your town using the transportation system.
  • Ice farm, as the with one, linked to your city using the transportation system
  • Raid an underwater monument and collect the sponges.
  • Convert the monument to a guardian farm, if it is not too far away (< 1000 blocks), link the monument to your city, using the transportation system.
  • Get at least two tridents. Either by navigating and looting them from naturally generated monsters, or by building a drowned farm somewhere.
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 42 diamond blocks / 450 iron blocks / 200 emeralds blocks / 150 gold blocks / 12 stacks of redstone block / 10 netherite blocks
    • A full netherite armor / tools and sword (In addition to those you have on yourself)
    • 6 stack of gunpowder, bones
  • Quest: Enchant one of the tridents and make sure you successfully obtain 1 Zombie, skeleton and creeper head.
Chapter 23: Entertainment
It is time to offer the inhabitants places to relax and have fun. You do a survey, and it turns out that they are fairly open-minded and that they trust you to install new constructions close to the city in order to entertain them.

However, some ideas are mentioned by a lot. A zoo, where animals could live in freedom and security but also be seen by tourists. You will certainly have to travel to find the different species to integrate.

A hostile museum, in order to show the population, the aspect of the creatures which they must fear. Each species of monster should have a description for visitors.

A museum, containing various treasures obtained during your adventure, in order to allow the different inhabitants to visually realize what created the new civilization in which they now live in peace.

You know that you can add other constructions to these ideas, the mayor and the inhabitants will certainly be very happy to go there to amuse themselves.


  • Create a zoo composed of: donkeys, cows, mushroom cows, (Bonus: brown mushroom cows), Dogs, all kind of cats, Horses (bonus: skeleton horses), Pigs, Rabbits, Sheeps, Mules, Ocelots, Parrots, Fish, Dolphin, Chickens, Fox (red and white), Turtles, pandas, Bees, Lamas, Wolves, Polar bear, Golem and snow golem.
  • Create the hostile museum, composed of: Spiders, Creepers, At least one Ghast, Drowned, Pillager, Ravager, Slime, Skeleton, Zombie, Witch and Phantom (Bonus: Elder guardian in a lake, blaze, silverfish)
  • Create the adventure museum, made up of treasure, each with a history panel: Totem of Immortality, Sponge, Crystal of the End, Dragon Egg, Beacon, Stuffs used for bosses, your first diamond ... Everything that you consider useful in this museum.
  • Finally, add at least one other entertainment construction to your village. (Example: Theme park, Mini golf ...)
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 46 diamond blocks / 480 iron blocks / 220 emeralds blocks / 170 gold blocks / 15 stacks of redstone block / 11 netherite blocks / 100 lapis lazuli blocks / 550 coal blocks
  • Quest: Bring two Striders to your city, and place them in a building to protect them.
Chapter 24: Advanced military buildings
Now that the population is growing and the exploits of battles from the past are making today's songs, you are lucky to have a number of new recruits in the military part of the city. You will have to enlarge the system a little to guarantee the maximum security of your population. In fact, after thinking about it, the population of your village has been able to grow so rapidly, it is possible that enemies have had such a significant expansion, which means that you must absolutely anticipate.

On the other hand, the previously built court is unfortunately starting to work too well, and has just ordered a first prison sentence for a resident who tried to steal the museum's treasures. The problem is that at the moment there is no prison in the city.

Finally, perhaps it’s an excess of paranoia, but a book that you have read and which was brought back by one of the elders' sacrifices, indicates that there is a possibility that one day, the invasion having occurred 1000 years ago will happen again. You'd rather start anticipating, and start planning to build a bunker to save your people if it ever happens.


  • Build an armory. This building must contain an exhibition of several types of armor. It must also contain several rooms for soldiers as well as a place to quickly equip new pieces of armor in the event of an attack.
  • Add 5 more houses to your town.
  • Build one more Watchtower
  • Build a prison. It must contain a reception, a room for visits, at least twenty cells, a refectory, a basketball court.
  • Between the town and the fortified outpost, build some defense weapons. Like a catapult for exemple.
  • Build a bunker with :
    • control room
    • outside access
    • Bedrooms with 4 beds per room
    • Farms to have food in case of emergency
    • Food stocks in a freezer
    • A room for entertainment and culture
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 48 diamond blocks / 500 iron blocks / 240 emeralds blocks / 190 gold blocks / 16 stacks of redstone block / 12 netherite blocks / 110 lapis lazuli blocks / 600 coal blocks
  • Quest: Place some named creatures in some cells in the prison
Chapter 25: Island crossing
It’s a happy population living peacefully in your village. You tell yourself that the world is big, and that sometimes, a little change of landscape can be beneficial. You decide to offer the mayor to build a vacation spot. The mayor begins to laugh, at first. "Why would we want to leave the city and then come back?".

Indeed, it is a new concept for the population. You explain to him that the interest is to be able to benefit from nature, to see or be entertained differently, during one time. You also explain to him that it is an effective way for the inhabitants to be a little happier and to rest from their work from time to time, which ends up convincing him.

He then gives you carte blanche to build this vacation spot, but gives you a constraint, that of having an efficient means of transport to get there. That means one more station as the inhabitants won’t accept to go through hell.


  • Find an island, with the size of your choice. Then make it the summer holiday destinations of your dreams. You choose the theme, but here is some ideas :
    • A pirate island
    • A volcano
    • A magic island
    • A Marioland island
    • A water theme park
  • Find a good place, in a mountain, to create a winter village :
    • Add a restaurant
    • Add a boat race on ice
    • Add some custom spruce trees
    • Make sure to add some nice little houses to make it a cosy village.
    • Make it safe against monsters
  • Link the island and the mountain village to your city, using your transportation system.
  • Add some hostels on the beach of the island
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 50 diamond blocks / 520 iron blocks / 260 emeralds blocks / 200 gold blocks / 17 stacks of redstone block / 13 netherite blocks / 120 lapis lazuli blocks / 620 coal blocks
  • Quest: Back to your city, add a pixel art somewhere.
Chapter 26: Sports
Your population needs to exercise. You have provided them with a way to learn, to relax, to go on vacation, to heal. But for the moment, some old pleasures are still not possible. The sport.

You start by getting more information by reading different books from the library. Then take a tour of the inhabitants to ask them if certain sports in particular interest them. They show you several ideas.

First, horse racing, for bets. Some are more of a brawler, and would like the opportunity to train and compete in combat with others. Thrills are also a response that comes up from time to time, including using elytras, and some are more of a type who likes precision and would like an archery or crossbow area.


  • Build a stable. Make sure you have as many horses as possible. Name them.
  • Then build a racetrack. It should have a place for horses to run, with obstacles and a place for people to stay and see the race.
  • Build a combat arena. There should be :
    • A hall for buying tickets
    • Bleachers
    • 2 changing room, one on each side of the combat arena
    • A combat zone, with a theme, where the fight will happen
  • Create an elytras race. There should be a start, then some checkpoint and the last one should lead to the start.
  • Build an archery camp. You should make areas for training, using the target block, armor stands..
  • Finally, build a little stadium for a whole new kind of sport, Striders run
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 52 diamond blocks / 550 iron blocks / 280 emeralds blocks / 220 gold blocks / 18 stacks of redstone block / 14 netherite blocks / 130 lapis lazuli blocks / 630 coal blocks
  • Quest: Make as much armor stands as needed, and fulfill the different buildings you’ve done to simulate the public.
Chapter 27: The Ultimate Mansion
After all these adventures, you deserve a little bit of comfort. You decide to spend some time building for yourself. As a builder, you now have a great architectural experience, and you begin to work on the design of plans for a mansion, which will become your main home. You want a fenced area, perhaps brick, with metal barriers. You need greenery, like custom gorgeous trees, some fontains and a swimming pool.

Thinking about the plans of your mansion, you rethink the sewage disposal of the city. For the moment, it is manual for each inhabitant. You ask the mayor if he would be interested in a new automatic evacuation system, the sewers. The mayor seems to like the idea and asks you to build this system.


  • Build your Ultimate Mansion with at least:
    • An inside room with a swimming pool
    • A kitchen, with a freezer access
    • Library with an enchanting table
    • A minimum of two bedrooms
    • A piano
    • A living room
    • A dining room
    • A cave
  • And build the manor garden with :
    • A mini Labyrinth
    • A fence
    • An entrance
    • Various greenery (worked trees)
    • At least one fountain
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 54 diamond blocks / 570 iron blocks / 300 emeralds blocks / 240 gold blocks / 19 stacks of redstone block / 15 netherite blocks / 150 lapis lazuli blocks / 640 coal blocks
  • Quest: Build a sewage system, linked to most of the houses and buildings in the town. Build also an access to go down.
Chapter 28: Monuments
Inhabitants tell you that they would like more memorials. They tell you it's a way for them to feel attached to the city, as well as a way to be proud when visitors will come to the city.

Thus, they mention the story of Reuben, a pig who would have helped prevent the destruction of the world, a few thousand years ago. He was the companion of a talented builder, but sacrificed himself for him. In order to pay homage to Reuben, the inhabitants ask you to build a monument bearing his effigy.

Then they tell you that your victory over the dragon in the other dimension is a source of general pride, and come up with the idea of ​​a dragon statue, to represent this moment that helped you prepare for war. The mayor asks you to create more green spaces in the city. Certainly inspired by what you have done for your mansion, he asks you to create at least one forest park with big custom trees.

While you’re planning these builds, 5 newcomers from the ancient civilisation arrive. They are still sacrifices that the ancient builders made.


  • Build a monument to celebrate Reuben the pig.
  • Create a Minecraft size reproduction of an existing monument. (Exemple : Statue of liberty)
  • Build a fenced green park with a big water pond and big custom trees and a lot of flowers.
  • Build a train
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 56 diamond blocks / 590 iron blocks / 310 emeralds blocks / 250 gold blocks / 20 stacks of redstone block / 16 netherite blocks / 160 lapis lazuli blocks / 650 coal blocks
  • Quest: Build you, fighting the Dragon, as a statue.
Chapter 29: The Industrial district
It’s been over ten years since the battle for the outpost path took place. Your population is growing, and technology is also evolving. The scientific and industrial community has developed different technologies, and asks you to build a new district for the city. Some of these constructions will allow the city to be able to continue the expansion and production, at an industrial size.

A new community is developing, based on these new inventions. This is the community of explorers. They usually go on air balloons or zeppelins trips. It is normal to have an air balloon attached to your home these days.

Meanwhile, magician Liv Jones has managed to develop a strange technology capable of floating pieces of land. She asks you to create her new house on a small floating island that she created for the occasion.


  • Build at least 6 hot air balloons of different colors. Some of them must be attached to houses
  • Create a new hamlet of at least 8 houses, this hamlet must have a different style from your others. Steampunk for example.
  • Create a mining factory with a giant hole, a crane that extracts ores from it. Beside, a big building for the scientifics and technicians to work on industrial engineering.
  • Build a Bell tower
  • Build a Zeppelin in the industrial district
  • Build a floating island with a waterfall. Then build Liv’s new house
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 60 diamond blocks / 600 iron blocks / 320 emeralds blocks / 250 gold blocks / 20 stacks of redstone block / 16 netherite blocks / 160 lapis lazuli blocks / 650 coal blocks
  • Quest: Add a building in the industrial district dedicated to a firework show.
Chapter 30 : The ancient builders
After all these years, you have managed to build a city that offers maximum services to the inhabitants. You have successfully revived an economy, created a living environment that allows everyone to flourish and feel secure.

But one day, you see some different lights coming from the fortune camp. This time, it’s the ancient builders. They are there. Their cryopreservation cells were better than the other because they just seem to have taken a nap. When they see the city, they start whispering. You go to meet them, with some of your army. When you arrive, you hear the last whisper :

“We created the apocalypse for nothing, the world is not destroyed !”
“Shhhh, someone is coming !”

Angry, you ask them to explain. One recognizes you, and tries to coax you, but you only want to know. Eventually, one tells you that they created the battle 1000 years ago in order to reset the world and be revered as gods when they return in order to easily obtain all possible resources. They threaten you, and tell you that they still have control over the monsters, and that they will send them to this city to clean up. Then they disappear using an invisibility potion.

You can’t believe what just happened. You run to tell Sam, that is still the mayor. He decides to ring the city bell, because he wants everybody to be a part of this discussion. After two hours, here comes the result. They want a way to fight, and to win the battle. Nobody wants to hide, and be a slave of the malicious builders. In order to show the world you’re ready, the municipal council orders your latest construction.

A castle.

The castle is a way to wage a full battle against monsters. The different towers of the castle allow you to have all angles facing the dragons or withers, to protect yourself and not to let hostile creatures enter the walls.

You were a child at the time. But the battle of 1000 years ago will never leave your memories. We absolutely must win this fight. So get ready.


  • Build a castle that will be the place of the great war against the ancient builders.
  • Get a full beacon with the 5 effects in your castle
  • Treasure chests must contains:
    • 100 diamond blocks / 1000 iron blocks / 500 emeralds blocks / 1000 coal blocks / 500 gold blocks / 1500 redstone block / 200 lapis lazuli blocks / 24 netherite blocks
    • A full simple chest for each :
      • Gunpowder / Bones / String / Slime balls / Honey bottles / ender pearls / blaze rods
      • Pumpkins / melons / potatoes / wheat / beetroots / sugarcane
      • The maximum enchantment on your armor, tools, weapons, shiel
      • Quest: Get all the achievements of the game